Saturday, December 29, 2007

When is the go-to-sleep call?

I have not been sleeping much lately, and it is not solely the result of the virus now relinquished from my system. In between much thesis work and ordinary duties of life, there have been much leisure time to stay awake and observe. What I am observing is frightening.

I suppose the most frightening thing is the shear amount of propaganda one must wade through and filter. I think back to the notion of our consciousness speeding up, yet i refrain from believing it (or rather, am I refusing to believe it?) I am afraid, that we are not ready for any sort of phenomenon.

With this sickness now lifted, I can add action to my passive observations.


Damn the crowds, just more crowds and crowds to be had. It is ludicrous. but dear god, the pirate keeps his one good eye on me and I start to break out in hives. I reach for the pine needle oil and balsam wood resin. Best to knick the thief in the bum before he gets away with too much booty (touching).

Friday, December 28, 2007

Drinking From the Tea mug of Max Shrek

F***: "Do you think this was an appropriate gift?"

Me: "What? The Mini-keg of Heineken?"

F***: "Yeah. Are you happy with this?"

Me: "uuhhhhh....... yes, yes I am."

Minor family quibbles, greyness greyness greyness, and a lingering phlegm problem. yes, I know that waitress at the comedy club got me sick because she didn't approve of my tip.

But it is very bright outside today. The red bricks ahead of me open my eyes. Still spattering globs of phlegm, maybe I should go get some new music from these indie record stores, or maybe check that bank account. Needless to say:

I tried to find
How my heart could be so blind, dear
How could I be fooled just like the rest?

You came on strong with your
Fast car and your class ring
Soft voice, and your sad eyes
I fell for the whole thing

I don't regret having met
Up with a girl who
Breaks hearts like they were nothing at all
I've done it too
Now I know just what it feels like
And just like I said there's no regrets

Monday, December 17, 2007


it's is still a grey dey outside, soupy slush all about and dissolved salt in the air, in my hair and encrusted bumper stickers. Today feels much the same.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

invocation series





heightened loaf

lost gaze


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reprise on Idelness


I need mouth-water.

Fell back on sleep after a party on Friday. I follow no calendar but I still meet the deadlines labeled on such a thing. Correspondence from afar, it's a difficult give-take relationship. But I am hopeful still, clambering on about the wayward theories on a topic meant to instill fear in the public today; what a difference 800 Myrs makes with public perception.

Speaking of years coming to ahead, the lectures of Ian Lungold seem to predict the changes of our societal consciousness based on the esoteric Mayan calendar. To me, it seems more like trying to return to a sacred symbol to find hope, to worship and abide by. Is the very notion of commodity something that we take for granted? How much do luxuries separate us from those who don't have what we have? Are the impoverished victim of our leisure? Or have they merely been run-over by the "power-train?" Who have we, on the "ethics-train" run-over? The underlying privileges of people are not really brought to light. Or maybe this is JUST a trivial nuance to the galactic scale of things.

Right now, our consciousness is entering puberty. Duck low.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Heightened Loaf

I’ve been eating less. I can only stomach so much before I begin to feel nausea. Sometimes I do not eat until 5 PM, at which point a tin of kippers or an avocado will do the trick. I’ve made the mistake of drinking much coffee on an empty stomach after a night of heavy drinking; a reflexive purge is ordinarily imminent. If I should smoke a cigarette I would complete the reflex and vomit profusely. Why should I bestow such a purge on myself?

There has been a lot of vomiting about me lately, in one form or another. Is society trying to administer ipecac to its members? It might just be the beginning of flu season, winter right on our heels. (Or should I say, noses) The winter, the cold and wind, do such things usher in the beginning of the season to be sick? It might have much to do with the food we eat during the winter. The quality of much of our produce diminishes during this season. While meat can usually be obtained clean and fresh (if you know your mongers, and do not trust the meat council) produce becomes empty, loses substantiality and tastes more like cardboard. This emptiness in your stomach leads to nausea? Not if you eat more heavy grains or meat, at least I’ve found.

Winter could very well be the best time for meat consumption; meat and potatoes put fat on the bones. Considering the adoption of a lighter diet when it’s warmer, Mediterranean diets are lighter than, say, Northern and Eastern European diets. These varying cultures and their respective diets reflect the climate. In a temperate zone with extremes, people should adapt the types of foodstuffs consumed based on the seasonal changes. However, with many “ethnic” foods around us, it’s difficult not to fall back on our own personal favorites, which might not be the best for us in terms of preventing illness. Should we call upon dietary practices from varying cultures based on the changing seasons? We should invoke the Food God to cure us of our maladies.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

lethargic perturbations

Botulism Botulism! Did veganism arise out of the need for less disease-ridden foods, when Botulism was a flavor for sausage? Oh, but bacteria can grow on any sort of surface, in any drop of water. E. coli in your stomach, but not on your food. Could Tyra Banks ever GAB about that? She is a GABOLOGIST, lest you should forget. I should point out that pop singers garner more attention than your average pop writer, of which there are about a handful.

Back to veganism, I was told today that seaweed isn’t truly vegan, nor is it really a vegetarian food since the process of harvesting seaweed involves collecting and crushing the little critters and fish that call the seaweed home. Kelp forests do house sea otter and fish and crustaceans (insects) yet your average garden of cabbage and tomatoes and cucumbers also house slugs, ants, worms and other critters (insects). Even rinsing your fruits and vegetables kills fruit fly larvae by washing them down the drain. And let us not forget the negligible insect feces. My point is, not many people understand the essence of veganism, not even myself. If you are strict to follow such indoctrinated dieting, whose moral code must you follow? Is there a fine line between eating versus killing small critters for the sake of fresh produce? While you may not be eating any sort of insect in your salad, there is undoubtedly critters that would have devoured a large portion of your produce had measures not been taken to rid them from farms. Chemicals do harm to humans, too (pay out the ass in organics if you can afford it) and growing one type of crop in an area greatly alters and devastates any sort of animal ecosystem, causing all sorts of harm. The moral and ethical issue of veganism really transcends the refusal to eat an animal, reaching into the realm of the global issues of mass produced food.

You can bet Tyra Banks won’t GAB on about that.

Waiting for the thesis

delayed responses from people in Idaho and southern California. icy roads and sidewalks in the east. clam diners and old ladies calling about fires. gruh.