Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reversable rhetoric

One million jobs project aimed at the unemployed OR Fornication of simulation and populist pander

            Promises for help are merely facades for legislation geared towards corporate assistance. Socialism for large corporations is perpetrated as a belief of continual subsidies that runs parallel to incremental restoration of tribal eminence. This reality of gradual reactionary change ramifies a societal consciousness that willfully accepts citizenry rights rescinded at the hands of a silent minority. The foundation of the “coup d’état in slow motion” is a national paradigm beholden to corporate capitalism, perpetuating a wrench of power from lower order economies to be firmly placed within the hands of an elite social standing. Residence of the tier above any nominal “upper-middle class” not only compete for those positions that grant access to control platforms of business, but those who participate in such a climb do so ultimately to serve as sovereign over a niche of the national power structure.
            Our perception of a “dog-eat-dog world” may be abstracted to a person endowed with the ability of generating and engaging in the creation and flow of power. A strange yet familiar alchemy will quickly elevate such a person, as a celebrity suddenly appears in the mass media, to a figurehead representing some camp of invested interests, people looking to make money as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The fusion of consumer society with the national fortitude of political and military power finds a flat-topped pyramid; a broad base of exploited citizenry, who mostly squabble over orchestrated forms of reality, exemplifies the structure of an exclusively material Superpower. A question begging to be asked, perhaps out of stubborn habit, would ponder the potential influence powerful family dynasties would have in managing the ebb and flow of powers that guide a globalized money exchange, as well as administering and securing a preferred global finance paradigm.
            Sociopaths wind through the routine of a 9–5 wager; as a reward for persistence and dedication, the loyalist will grow to be rich. This moral wager stands to victimize the loyalist, establishing an exploitative ethic: an honest day’s work will force you to become targeted as a sap devoid of the capacity for the carnival swindle. For example: the warm bond of neighbors when the trumpets blare, “WE ARE GOING TO WAR!” None of us are prone from the poison of violence. Unfettered capitalism is a revolutionary force, a revolution of meaning, to regulate the overturn of value. Repetition of reality.  Cannibalism.  Mountain top removal, emplaced moonscape. Destroy this planet, move onto the next.  Virus, consumption, mimicry, exponential growth, treason of intellectuals. We cannot take power, we must renounce power.  

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