Monday, September 10, 2007


Incoherent passage of time. Drastic change in appearance, habits, location. Still enveloped with infatuation of sources, unchanged movement. Hopeful about change in movement patterns. Still helping those who forget to remember. What will I remember today? Something I’ve already forgotten. Sources Sources sources sources……give me all the sources so I may fumble over them, trying to seem accountable, credible, lost among the locations of others. What is the favored course of action? Immediate change of thought: reprised reprieve. (to die from nothing thoughts?) Let that go (=admonish) Reprove reprised reprieve. To awaken form nothing thoughts.

Let us take things de facto to create walls, build the walls to create a clandestine labyrinth. One truth leads to a dead end. Only a select few truths will lead you to freedom, or certain death. One in the same? What is your source? SOURCES SOURCES, ad nauseum.