Saturday, December 29, 2007

When is the go-to-sleep call?

I have not been sleeping much lately, and it is not solely the result of the virus now relinquished from my system. In between much thesis work and ordinary duties of life, there have been much leisure time to stay awake and observe. What I am observing is frightening.

I suppose the most frightening thing is the shear amount of propaganda one must wade through and filter. I think back to the notion of our consciousness speeding up, yet i refrain from believing it (or rather, am I refusing to believe it?) I am afraid, that we are not ready for any sort of phenomenon.

With this sickness now lifted, I can add action to my passive observations.


Damn the crowds, just more crowds and crowds to be had. It is ludicrous. but dear god, the pirate keeps his one good eye on me and I start to break out in hives. I reach for the pine needle oil and balsam wood resin. Best to knick the thief in the bum before he gets away with too much booty (touching).


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