Friday, December 28, 2007

Drinking From the Tea mug of Max Shrek

F***: "Do you think this was an appropriate gift?"

Me: "What? The Mini-keg of Heineken?"

F***: "Yeah. Are you happy with this?"

Me: "uuhhhhh....... yes, yes I am."

Minor family quibbles, greyness greyness greyness, and a lingering phlegm problem. yes, I know that waitress at the comedy club got me sick because she didn't approve of my tip.

But it is very bright outside today. The red bricks ahead of me open my eyes. Still spattering globs of phlegm, maybe I should go get some new music from these indie record stores, or maybe check that bank account. Needless to say:

I tried to find
How my heart could be so blind, dear
How could I be fooled just like the rest?

You came on strong with your
Fast car and your class ring
Soft voice, and your sad eyes
I fell for the whole thing

I don't regret having met
Up with a girl who
Breaks hearts like they were nothing at all
I've done it too
Now I know just what it feels like
And just like I said there's no regrets


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