Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"To go on waiting is madness."

Some excerpts from the closing chapter "Insurrection" of The Invisible Committee's The Coming Insurrection

-In a country like France, where radioactive clouds stop at the border and where we aren't afraid to build a cancer research center on the former site of a nitrogen fertilizer factory that has been condemned by the EU'S industrial safety agency, we should count less on “natural” crises than on social ones. It is usually up to the social movements to interrupt the normal course of the disaster.


-An assembly is not a place for decision, but for talk, for free speech exercised without a goal.

-A nightmare of little pretenders to power confronting each other: elections. It is not a “general assembly” so much as bourgeois theatrics.

-Foil temptation of hegemony...constantly renewing itself, decisions crystallize organically from a collective presence, and opinion naturally take hold of the group assembly.

-Do not decide on actions; it is not “the action in question should govern the assembly's agenda." No not contract action to specialists; not abandon group action for sake of control and security.


-Mandated specialists are hindered in there actions, but are not hindered to deceive their “bosses.”

-Action gives rise to a broader form, not having a specific form attached to it.

-Circulate shared knowledge: individual reconnaissance...info organized into public archives (or forums)

-Decisions will occur gradually, not made, or forced.

More detailed overlook of the text.

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