Tuesday, December 04, 2007

lethargic perturbations

Botulism Botulism! Did veganism arise out of the need for less disease-ridden foods, when Botulism was a flavor for sausage? Oh, but bacteria can grow on any sort of surface, in any drop of water. E. coli in your stomach, but not on your food. Could Tyra Banks ever GAB about that? She is a GABOLOGIST, lest you should forget. I should point out that pop singers garner more attention than your average pop writer, of which there are about a handful.

Back to veganism, I was told today that seaweed isn’t truly vegan, nor is it really a vegetarian food since the process of harvesting seaweed involves collecting and crushing the little critters and fish that call the seaweed home. Kelp forests do house sea otter and fish and crustaceans (insects) yet your average garden of cabbage and tomatoes and cucumbers also house slugs, ants, worms and other critters (insects). Even rinsing your fruits and vegetables kills fruit fly larvae by washing them down the drain. And let us not forget the negligible insect feces. My point is, not many people understand the essence of veganism, not even myself. If you are strict to follow such indoctrinated dieting, whose moral code must you follow? Is there a fine line between eating versus killing small critters for the sake of fresh produce? While you may not be eating any sort of insect in your salad, there is undoubtedly critters that would have devoured a large portion of your produce had measures not been taken to rid them from farms. Chemicals do harm to humans, too (pay out the ass in organics if you can afford it) and growing one type of crop in an area greatly alters and devastates any sort of animal ecosystem, causing all sorts of harm. The moral and ethical issue of veganism really transcends the refusal to eat an animal, reaching into the realm of the global issues of mass produced food.

You can bet Tyra Banks won’t GAB on about that.


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