Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reprise on Idelness


I need mouth-water.

Fell back on sleep after a party on Friday. I follow no calendar but I still meet the deadlines labeled on such a thing. Correspondence from afar, it's a difficult give-take relationship. But I am hopeful still, clambering on about the wayward theories on a topic meant to instill fear in the public today; what a difference 800 Myrs makes with public perception.

Speaking of years coming to ahead, the lectures of Ian Lungold seem to predict the changes of our societal consciousness based on the esoteric Mayan calendar. To me, it seems more like trying to return to a sacred symbol to find hope, to worship and abide by. Is the very notion of commodity something that we take for granted? How much do luxuries separate us from those who don't have what we have? Are the impoverished victim of our leisure? Or have they merely been run-over by the "power-train?" Who have we, on the "ethics-train" run-over? The underlying privileges of people are not really brought to light. Or maybe this is JUST a trivial nuance to the galactic scale of things.

Right now, our consciousness is entering puberty. Duck low.



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