Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Brandished pliers

Premonitions, from crackheads to snipperies

The political opponents of these presidential nominees seem to be harping on whose interpretation of the Constitution is more accurate, who is more non-constitutional and who promptly abides by “We the people…” And then there are those who hold liberty and freedom as absolute truths. This is the audience who the candidates must play to.

The bird-headed man, he likes the squawkings of anyone without penchant for filibustering. He likes loud, brief but powerful statements.
The rhinoceros in short shorts, he merely wants grazing land and a big SIP.
The red-faced worker, he sees past all issues and fixes his stare at the union leaders. He can be seen within the ranks of populist supporters of any of the numerous masked red-faced nominees.
The gravity man, he allows all information to be filtered through his ears and makes a decision at the last moment. Whether it’s based on weblogs or divine knowledge of uncontrolled enrichment of uranium, his power of decision is a “gut feeling,” very similar to the one his current president has on who is and who is not a terrorist threat. He is the most common face in the crowd.

A coup during the next presidential term will stem from coercive measures taken by former intelligence personal who refuse to live in tangent with any government cabals. It will occur faster than some might expect.


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