Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The employment of people upon entering 2008

The strangers met on New Year's eve:

Tall, husky man with a red beard - second biggest advertizing firm in Manhattan
Pale, husky man, very blond hair (practically albino) - accountant for a jewelry company in Midtown.
Skinny dude, below 5'10" blocks stairs to terrace, danced drunkenly, swaying to and fro - works for an mp3 company.
Skinny girl, attractive, very aloof, and with a camera hanging from her wrist - bartender.

Many friends of friends, students, happy to be out and drinking. we saw M.I.A. dancing in the back room of Monkey Town. She's a professional partier/hipster. Seeing kids "nonchalantly" go up to snap a picture with her was very endearing. To end the night sharing shish-kebabs seemed to be a fitting end.


Blogger husk said...

I was stuck in NJ beating up hobos

7:03 PM  

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