Saturday, January 26, 2008

After a restless night...

Is it detrimental to my mental health reading this apocalyptic extreme left wing propaganda? has updated with a long synopsis of the way our world has been going down the path towards heated global conflict; the acceleration of key events will trigger more traditional military movement. The reason is, and will continue to be, based on protection of global interests, though one can easily say, global domination and not be slapped and called a spazmo. The US obviously in hastily rushing into conflict with Iran, which can only serve to forestall any promises our current nominees reiterate for countless iterations. Things seem to be painstakingly falling into place, similarly to the previous century's events that lead towards global conflict. The main difference I can see is that there are skewed alliances, and that conflict is based primarily on economic upheaval (at least more so than than in the 1940s, but discussing key events in the strengthening of the illuminati i associate with masturbating into a sharks'll end up a eunuch) There is a push towards a more controlling fist on global markets.

While I refuse to believe in everything that is read (I mean, you have to take most analysis these days with a grain of salt) sifting through various liberal propaganda does outline a starkly hellish future based on key events that are almost always left out of the public eye. Immediately and unequivocally, the mass movement of people into a warzone begs for the entire world to stop and consider the ramifications. For me, there are no sugar-coated premonitions. How long before the entire Muslim world is at war with us?

Things really do seem to be accelerating.

How has a year and a half of being in graduate school effected my former idealistic future?

At least in my present institution, I've come to feel that tenured professors don't give a fuck and will usually protect themselves over standing up for a student in need. I feel that my case may be different, but it's been a turn off. I've been told it's the same way in the humanities, though subtler in the "don't-give-a-fuck" mannerisms of aging professors. It seems to coincidental that the cold shoulders received through out this year and a half occurs in the poverty stricken city of poor valleys and rich hills. *Cue socio-economic debate. My mother tells me I should read more Carl Sagan.

Idealisms vanish.



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