Friday, May 22, 2009

Death in the garden

A far away noise woke me up three days ago. I shrugged it off as being nothing. Later that day, after eating and such, I decided to head into the backyard to tend to some plants.

I know the sounds of the wild are still present in the city, regardless of the chiding uncles I have. "The city's void of anything even remotely wild, other than the crackies that go scurrying when a Crown Vic rolls, blaring horn, flashing lights. Let's film that and put it on Current TV." Little do they know of the islands that backyards serve. Death and productivity are measured by the carcasses and juveniles (molting young birds). However, the territories of predators must be safeguarded. Protect: stalk, disembowel, move on.

The idea of tragedy is foreign to the feral feline.

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Blogger LiAlSi2O6 said...

Based on my own observations cats are do not have the concepts of right and wrong, cats cannot "feel" guilty or the empathetic rush that comes from a good deed. The concept of right and wrong seems to have arrived when mammals started living in packs. Besides the obvious moral beings, social primates, i believe dogs have a rudimentary moral hardwiring.

Also, is birth and death a result of morality? in other words, does the concept of death have any real meaning to someone without the brain hardwiring for right and wrong? are cats beyond death and birth? existing in the infinite moment of naps and disemboweling baby birds? and would i, LiAlSi2O6, want to be like a cat? would i want to be free of death? and empathy? or would be at peace? or would i just devolve to a unfeeling killer drive by my hungers?

12:25 AM  
Blogger rada said...

no. all signs point to protecting private property and control of behavior. i failed to mention that the cats get a bi-weekly commission for protecting the backyard. So, they are soldiers of fortune, but they are not smuggling any weapons into certain countries.

11:51 PM  

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