Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Good morning, CURTIS (25 March 2009)

when you pretend to be an insomniac, you wind up seeing the sun rise on an empty stomach. this is a signal for you to either go to sleep or take some more uppers. or, in this case, get out the camera and head up to the roof; the cold air is really refreshing, but only for a short period of time. I look at the "high rises" pic and think of the end of Fight Club, though there isn't much sense in actually going through with parking vans of explosives in the basement parking garages. I'm hoping a lot more of the high rise condos will wind up as affordable housing units, banking on my prediction that sales of "luxury units" will be next to nil. And if you really want to own a Hummer and park it in the basement of your high rise in Brooklyn, please just move to LA.

St. Ann's (east-view)

high rises (west-view)

corner (north-view)


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