Saturday, April 11, 2009

telling you i can't be without you

i had the opportunity to go see my friend's new house last weekend, and also live without internet for an ENTIRE WEEKEND. it's amazing how the internet's become the primary medium for my age's demographic, the absence of which may drive some to go crazy. junkie's drying up, going through withdrawal...

as you can see from above, the "elite" amongst us operate fine with mobile devices that utilize rouge wi-fi signals in the ether, while the airport on this poor schmuck's macbook couldn't hold a signal for more than ten seconds. still, helping hands and good conversation always suffice for the metaphorical methadone, and i'd go crazy without either from the people i call friends. and with promises of BBQs and camp fires, jam sessions in the attic and hikes through the "honey trail," the 2009 summer nights are looking to be moments of bliss mixed with rapture and seasoned with mental clarity. Read: things i need more of.

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