Thursday, August 28, 2008

For Basil (i'm doing it, dear)

The sun has left this sky and it's finally gray. I travel 180 minutes south and experience drastic increase in temperature. Late night bike ride in 48°F, it’s August. I’ve returned to working on the campus that scrapes its guts clean every semester. The ants (contractors) always dig and dig, emptying one hole to fill another. Come winter, this place will be a bigger mess than normal. Protecting my interests while sacrificing some time in the morning for work. PM hours are for “steady study” at the desk. The desk is cleaned, yet it still smells of old glue and burnt cellophane. It does not matter much, since I often find myself alone in the room. I will make it my own if people refuse to use the room for their own personal space.

I feel as if eyes are watching me. People wonder why I still linger around certain places. It is not for others that I live. I can remain in any place until I grow bored or understand things clearer. I run from a window to the bar, absorbing knowledge. The bar is where knowledge should dual and a winner crowned. There will be no need for peer-reviews, infinite drafts or canceled conferences. The bar is where true debate can transpire, which is where I need to go.


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