Thursday, July 03, 2008

Old air

I found this after going through the old bleeding heart of mine.

Lost Lake in south-eastern Finland

Sven tended to his garden.

life on a tomato stalk,
ruined by pesticides from the government.

Sir Sven knew his Kallavesi garden
a tumultuous affair.
cabbage for dead children.
Dead fish for the ravens
A feast of carrion.

Pouring life in a jug
I try to stay above the spoiled bottom.
I try to meet others who can help me,
not those who drag me down.
Try to help as many stay afloat as you can.
In the end, you'll help many of
your benefactors.
In the end, you'll grow to
marry one of them.

Now came the rain to wash out all the algae.
The fish, all dead, had lain their eggs
Shortly prior to the anoxia.
A small century, with much rain
Inifnite sun and patience.
A small century gave way to
Splendorous regalia.
Kallavesi had its place among countless
Immaculate and priceless.
In a small century, the garden had returned;
Bless those who had patience

-oct. 2005


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