Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The end in a fortnight

In the midst of cleaning up one of the worst places I've ever seen...no, THE WORST place I've ever seen, I give Rob Salamida my two week notice. after the 23rd I will be done forever with the spiedie business. Hallelujah!

Speaking of that worse place ever, if I can get my hands on that video I made on Rob's digital camera, it would be worth it for the gross-out value. Then again, maybe the mere sight of my former living space, that is, the geek-sloth domain, is bad enough. Yes, the son of my adviser (name withheld) and his roommate's living space.

the living room...or the son's room

behind his roommate's bed

I won't post the pics with the anime posters since I refuse to have anime anywhere on this blog. The gross-out value of the second image does not even come close to the essence of horror I witnessed in the place I've cleaning-up the past two days. The place is a first floor apartment. The family was evicted and moved out two or three days prior to us going in and cleaning it up. (read: declaring war on the 2 1/2 level of hell) The smell was putrid. There was a constant buzzing sound due to the copious amount of flies. There were swarms in each room, young flies grown from maggots feeding off snake and bird shit (they kept a macau and a boa constrictor) as well as off grease and disgarded food, and the tons of dirty diapers. (these people had young children) The amazing thing is, there was no evidence of drug abuse other than alcoholism, though that is enough to derange people who are already probably mentally ill. I mean, minimum wage never felt so awful. Talk about being taken advantage of.


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