Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I've been sick

The sickness wells up inside me. I get shakes and feel queasy, a carnival is riding around in my stomach. I get urges of purges, a great increase in desire to watch soap operas. That kind of viewing will purge the sickness.

sunken meadow, obliterate my creed

The sickness migrates to my mind: my mind is sick. I get dementia and become delusional. I think nothing thoughts and grind away at remedial tasks, confounded from a perspective of a sea cucumber or any number of bi-valves. I get anxious and throw away all food. I do not need anything. The grating air around me stifles my synapses. I soon collapse and remain prostrate on the floor for hours.

falsely commune, uniqueness naught

I awaken to sickness in my stomach. I decide to purge. 15 minutes. Weakened by the deluge from the torso-median, it is a wonder I could ever get back to work. I do. I don’t. I have some bristling sardines in hot mustard sauce left. Oil will make things feel better.

meadow light, soft rest, lingering indefinitely



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