Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Trend - Teen Love

They met during social interaction in algebra class.

She was expressionless at first, but then smiled to indicate submission. He rearranged his facial features to appear friendly. After determining that their popularity status was comparable. They decided that a relationship would be mutually beneficial. They were careful to be seen together at all the local fast food franchises.

He had a stylized speech pattern. She used all the newest slang. when they talked on the telephone, they had trouble generating conversation stimulus. They programmed arguments into their relationship to make their lives seem meaningful. They could act really mad, happy or even sad, according to the current pre-frabricated social circumstances. He had programmed his personality to conform to adolescent trends. She had synthesized her emotions based on accepted teen (?) characteristic. They had copied all aspects of their behavior from they had observed in society. At the school dance, they were careful to exhibit only behavior which had been approved by their peer group.

Ego conflicts, insecurity syndromes. OOooo yeah, they were really going good.

They were killed in an auto-wreck as they were driving too and fro. After drinking two beers, he was pretending to be drunk. While the local popular radio station played the latest pre-designated youth oriented top forty hits, he was decapitated in an explosion of flame and glass fragments. her body was fond crushed into the Dashboard. A (?) report described them as fine youngsters . They never got a chance to fulfill their career dreams.

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