Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bon voyage Olympus

This was the last photo I took with the old Olympus CAMEDIA C-5000 Zoom, an all-around handy point-and-shoot. It was taken in the late afternoon on 12 Dec. while driving west on NY-17, just before the turn-off for Rt. 201. The 5000 equals the whopping 5 megapixels of the camera. even with poor lighting, I enjoy the silhouettes of the lamppost and power lines set against a typical cloudy day in Binghamton.

The red eucalyptus leaves is the first photo I took on the Canon SX-10 IS. Since getting it, I've already missed tons of great opportunities to test the settings out. Reading reviews of it, and ignoring the quibbles from the hoards of camera geeks, I'm very happy with what it offers and the clarity of the zoom. The only better sensor out there would be on a DSLR, and I am no where near that affluent (yet) to afford one. I'm hoping to hone my compositional technique on this camera before venturing into the blue horizon of DSLRs anyways. I look back at my old Canon Rebel 35mm-film camera and memories of the photography class I took in high school return. And there is always the WWW to offer a nice review of what I should already know.

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