Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oppressed reasoning

11 Aug. 07

5:55 AM

Oppressed reasoning and fickle gentry, the days waning on summer lead to the deadened dampening of a winter’s worth of strain and a preponderance of false premonitions. The replacement for such faux fantasies is the reality of a wrenched idiom, the hustle of the mind to create a new idea for practical consumption (nibblings for speculative seniors) Of course, not to be completely disillusioned by the hustle, the new idea is really an abjection of consequences, a grand debasement through which academic advisors (speculative seniors) offer empty solace. It is really a feeding of scrutinizing tongues. Yet, to find any redemption here? Ah yes, there is that love for idioms, the profound return to enlightenment.

it's like i crave confusion from every aspect of life.


Blogger Vila H. said...

"it's like i crave confusion from every aspect of life."

And you can be reasonably assured that you will get it.

10:51 PM  

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