Wednesday, May 02, 2007

passed frivolities

“Yeast, you’re covered in it.”

Water the aloes, quench the healing-sap.

I de-terraformed the mound next to my front window. It’s no more than a mound, not even fit for rosin or cleats. Hectic hectic hectic; I foresaw myself in a year’s time and I was both miserable and happy. (Of course it’s as vague and clichéd as a New Yorker article bleeding over the top varnish of a film connoisseur's mahogany wine-chest) I attained tunnel vision two nights ago, followed by 3 moments of clarity, though I realized, in actuality, it was only 2 moments. The second moment was really a false sense of mediocrity. When things really click inside the gearbox, you have to watch out for the potholes and apathetic bikers who meander into your headlights. They should know better and ride in the slipstream.



Blogger husk said...

You can't spend too much time avoiding em', if they're gonna smash into you, you might as well step on the pedal and enjoy it.

8:34 AM  

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