Wednesday, December 20, 2006

reeling and walking

i try to ignore the holiday (i.e. Christmas) bonanza/fiasco that occurs every year, and with a lot of work it is easy to ignore almost everyone and everything. but not that the main initial thrust of work and lucubrations has ceased, it became apparent i had not delved, dived or degraded myself to the commercial task of seeking out thoughtful gifts (the replacements of the original "presents" under the tree, psilocybin mushrooms) for loved ones. i accomplished this task in one day, and to get my mind off the crowded streets, pushing shoppers and oggling tourists (why come to NY during the winter/fall holidays is beyond me) i am back in Brooklyn-seating-cross-legged, writing and reading. to get my mind off the mayhem and the smelling obese guys who crowd the aisles by the Star Trek DVDs, (all I wanted was to buy a Sid Caesar DVD for my pops) i sit down in the afore mentioned cross-legged position and play some classic Doom, remembering the late summer days some months ago when i first sat in Binghamton-chair-corss-legged, wondering what i had to do and why i was not swamped.

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