Thursday, November 16, 2006

very, very hungry

I sit waiting for pierogis to fry. I smell the onions in the butter and oil and my stomach punchs itself in the face. I have had nothing to eat all day and it is 8:12 PM. The reason for the absense of food is one crazy schedule. of course, I've put things off, deadlines approach and my procrastination haunts my empty stomach. but there is something to be said about being hungry; hunger reminds me of our early human ancestors. I understand why people fast. there is some spiritual gain from fasting, yet there is also a biological one involving a re-adjustment of the digestive system. mentally, it reaffirms life's bottom line. FOOD. My hunger makes me appreciate food more, and in effect, it reminds me of what I have in life; I love the things I call my own. Through this, however, I do not deny I am very privileged compared to millions of other people. Self-induced hunger is one thing that makes me feel alive.

i sit while the flooding is slowly subsiding. Binghamton is once again hit with rain and the converging rivers of the area are rising. the state of emergency is about to end, though i feel listening to it being reported scares one without any threat of danger. granted, conditions are dangerous on roads with loose soil and mud and fast moving water. but listening to a disembodied voice over the radio seems to make people scared and panic. people drive more reckless and only make matters worse.

the truth is one individual's reality. so there are many truths. a terrible truth for one might be a lax truth for someone else. it is the convolution of reality based on individual experience. a message does not contain just one meaning. a state of emergency can even hold various connotations.

Time to finally break my fast.

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